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Sri Lanka Customs & Sri Lanka Ports Authority
(Jun 10, 2013)
Dear Valued Partners,

Well understood your situation and at present Sri Lanka customs & Sri Lanka Ports Authority has implemented online manifest systems and we have to submit online manifest separately to customs and SLPA and whenever B/L no Exceeds more than 16 digits we have to enter the same B/L information in our system 3 times to submit manifest as per customs  & SLPA Requirement.

In addition to above we cannot update duplicate B/L numbers into the online manifest system. Since we cannot update more than 16 digits into the customs system we will have to cut off some of the digits and send the manifest to customs. Due to the B/L number complication many times we have to issue letter to customs or we have to personally visit customs to resolve the B/L number Problem.

Exceeding 16 Digits in the B/L number may create more complications and delays in customs clearance to the consignee. At present Customs  & SLPA is thoroughly checking whether the forwarder has report online manifest in addition to the hard manifest copy. Customs is also checking the reported B/L number in the online manifest and whether the number physically available in the B/L are the same.

Since you could not control B/L number issuance pls expedite the same to port of loading agents and pls instruct them to issue B/L’s ,for shipments arriving to colombo within the Digit limit of 16 in order to avoid any inconvenience and to ensure a smooth delivery during the process.

Trust we will get your kind support to resolve above B/L number Digits Problem.


Patrick Lim


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