Click here to download SMS Live

and follow below guidance to install SMS Live .
If it doesn't work, restart the download

 1.Save the SMS Live application

 2.Open the SMS Live installer
 Click "Save File" when prompted


 3.Follow Set up instruction

 4. Final step
 Follow the instructions to get SMS Live set up on your computer .

Click to SMS Live icon on desktop to start full instalation. You need to do this step only 1st time.

How to install the software SMS Live:

o Download set up file from above link (FileSMSLiveSetup.msi)

o After downloading, click to the file SMSLiveSetup.msi, the installation process starts immediately.

o Click to icon SMSLive on your desktop & wait for few minutes until finishing installtion. 

Before installation SMS Live, make sure your computer meets the following minimum hardware requirements:

o 1 Gigahertz(GHz) or higher microprocessor recommended.

o 2 Gigahertz(GHz) of RAM or higher recommended.

o 850 Megabytes(MB) of available hard disk space.

o 1028x768 orhigher resolution monitor.

o Keyboard.

o Mouse.

o Stable Internetconnection.


Software requirements:

In order to run SMS Live, your computer needs to be provided: 

o Operation System Windows XP SP3 up or higher. 

o Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0 (download here) 

o Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Redistributable Package to print out documents  (download here

o PDF Reader 

o Report Builder 2.0 (if you want to self-change reports format).