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Solution & Services
SMS Live Feature

It automates all your shipping  processes.
Multi-user system: install it yourself in only five minutes with automated backup features.
Run multiple companies at the same time, each with its own database.
Import customers list & agents list from excel file.
Control access and set permissions with usernames and passwords for employees.
Set individual read, write, or delete rights to each biz group for each employee.
Set remote access permissions so customers and agents can securely view cargo online.
Save on fax costs by sending shipment documentation directly from SMS Live as PDF.
No server investment, no software license fee required, just pay service charges yearly.
It is designed to work in any size network for large companies or on a standalone computer for smaller companies.


Complete Collaboration on Inbound and Outbound Logistics with Air, Ocean Shipments & Consolidations, over 50 documents available (including Booking Confirmation, Booking Request, HBL/ HAWB/ Shipping Instruction, Manifest, Pre-alert, Correction Notice, Unclaim Report, Proof of Delivery (POD), …etc
Documents teamplates for regular using.
Receive online booking requests from clients.
EDI Bookigng request & shipping  order to carrier
EDI Filing AMS  by EDI for shipment to US Customs, without retyping information on website.  
Work on documents in actual format and customize them to your needs
Receive pre-alert  & auto EDI document from other SSN member.
Control publish document to internet to shipper & agent
View documents in actual format on the screen and print exactly what you see.

Allow difference berween freight show & actua freight billing.
Automatic Billing base on  standard and customized charges.
Multi-currency Accounting system.
Automatic Invoice generation from Shipment Information
Automatic generation of Agent Profit/Split Transactions and Salesperson Commission.
Accounts Payable.
Accounts Receivable.
Profit & Loss Report by job, by period, by salesperson.


Send any document via email by individual or group sending by each job.
Publish online document & share to client & agent whoes can pick up document via member webpage.
Online or remote access to your data from anywhere, anytime.
Know when your agent releases cargo & automatic update of cargo status (by other one SSN member).
Online request agent for update status of shipment & automatich update system once data saved.
Real-time Cargo Tracking.
Send batch emails of announcements, to a whole list at one time or select groups and save time.
Send emails of Pre-alert with accompanied document (HBL/HAWB/ invoices …) to shipping related client & agent.
Single sign onSingle sign-on: head-ache free from remembering a lot of username & passwork. Just one account to communicate with many partners with only one user account in SSN; user can access SMS Live & also web member page to exchange information with partner & customers.


Flexible Freight Rating System lets you incorporate multiple transportation modes (air, ocean, road, rail); multiple cost drivers (per kg, per piece count, per weight, per volume); and multiple logistics services (transportation and non-transportation).
Complete Quotation & Tariff System for local.
Flexible Quotation & Tariff System for every or defined clients & agents.


Multi choice for storage database: SSN system, own server or on a cloud.
Multi report formats with (diferent letter-head) that  usefull for company who handling fr dfifferent agents whoes requiring specific document formarts.
User can self-design print reports and Save custom reports directly on the database making them available to everyone in the company.
Custommize running number.
Accept customization on request.