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Solution & Services
Understand ShippingSpace.Net

SSN is Shipping Portal, a communication environment between shipper & their forwarders or logistic providers.

One shipping company (forwarder, NVOCC) join SSN system, thay can enjoy many valuable information, tools for their business

-  Shipping information like Yellow page, Port Index, Shipping rule, Marine Terminolory …. That’s usefull directory to look for a partner or needed shipping knowledge.
-  Shipper.Net, Forwader.Net: members’ working area that allows shippers, consignees can store their documents (Booking request, Shipping Order) submit document to their selected forwarders, create list of working partners, send Quotation request to multi vendors at the same time.
-  Member profile: that allow each forwarder member manage their profile & control their account such as subcription time, service package they use, submit the new function or request to web master.
-  Connect with other forwarder member to do business with them such as make the booking for co-load shipments, send shipping instruction to co-loaders,.
-  Self-create new branch office database for multi office companies.
-  Express & advance tracking.

Solution for Shipper/Consignee (also called clients)

Client can forget the note book that keep memo of URL and login account with any carrier they have the business with. Just need to remember the account on this shiping portal. By this account, they can:

-  Send freight request to multi partners just by one time submit.
-  Submit Booking Note, Shipping Order to selected forwarders.
-  View document on the forwarderr’s webpage.
-  Tracking the shipment status at any time.
-  And so much more open service provided by the Portal.