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Solution & Services
Solution for Forwarders - Overview

ShippingSpace.Net, a perfect solution for shipping industry


Whether you run a single-mode business or a multimodal global network, you know transportation logistics can be a nightmare.

Transportation management is different from other processes in the supply chain. Many of those processes happen only once, but transportation must be addressed again and again throughout the lifecycle of shipment, from

receipt till delivery.

And each and every time you must manage the process effectively while minimizing costs and meeting demanding customer service requirements. Is it possible?


Absolutely Yes with SSN.


 What does  ShippingSpace.Net do for your company?

With tough trading conditions comes increased competition and market consolidation. Clients require more and more high quality services with lower and lower services charges. The stronger players are innovating to address market challenges: by differentiating their services at high quality and focusing on profit margins.


So, what is your way?

It all comes together in ShipingSpace.Net, a perfect professional solution that helps both shipper & logistics companies manage all aspects of the transportation process. Using a multi-enterprise structure that is both configurable to local practices and standardized for global information, SSN will help you to meet all clients’ need with lowest cost and increase your stable position in the market.

ShipingSpace.Net providing a full solution for shipping company manages their daily shipping operation & e-communication environment with their clients and other logistics companies,  provide real-time Internet tracking for customers instantly.

Help members increase e-commerce adoption without significant investment


 ShippingSpace.Net Solution includes :

-     Portal ShippingSpace.Net: is a portal provides the infrastructure for business-to-business communications between forwarding companies such as origin and destination agents, between forwarding companies and their co-loaders and between business-to-consumer communications such forwarding companies and their customers.

-     SMS Live software: provided for  forwarder members, work as a built-in software for logistics companies wih full functions for faster processing shipping document  for inbound, outbound operation both sea & air freight as well as accounting control.

-     Member webpage : provided for each forwarder member with tools that enable member can self-control website content. The member webpage intergrated module  of e-services provide for clients & partners such as saiiling schedule, tracking, ebooking, shipping order, pre-alert, HBL, HAWB…



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