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Changes to AQIS Minimum Documents Policy - Oct 2012 (Shipment to Australia)
(Jun 04, 2013)
There have recently been changes to the minimum document policy as issued by AQIS (Australian Quarantine)
Key changes:
Definition of Company Address: Physical address or postal address unless specifically stated otherwise
  • This now means that postal addresses are acceptable on packing declaration letterheads.
Documents must be Free from erasures and alterations unless endorsed by the issuer of the document
  • The only acceptable endorsement is a company stamp or seal signed by the company employee, including printed name
  • Company stamp or seal must include the company's name and address
Changes to Packing Declaration format & fields
  • LCL / FCL Indicator has been removed
  • Bark Statement has been removed
  • New selection criteria for treatment of timber packing
  • Re-wording of cleanliness statement for Annual Packing Declarations
  • Any form of signature is now accepted – just must identify the person responsible for packing the container
  • New shipment specific packing declaration attached
  • Table of Amendments October 2012 attached
  • Current format packing declarations will be accepted for 6-8 weeks approximately
  • Current approved annual packing declarations will be accepted up to the expiration of their individual validity periods
No changes to treatment certificate requirements.
Anyone who desires more information on the documentary requirements can view the new policy:
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